Memorial Day

Joey's brother, Jonathon and his wife came up from Arizona this weekend. We had a big barbecue and pulled out the Croquet. These are pictures of us playing. Jonathon and Becca are in blue shirts, Joey's in the red, I have a white jacket on and Joey's mother is in the white shirt holding Rupert, (a chihuahua). Joey and Jon were the winners each time we played, but Becca and I had fun getting frustrated, especially at the spot that Jonathon is in his picture. We were glad at times when we could play for fun and not to win.


May 15-17

I only have one picture for all that happened, but enjoy reading about what went on:
Joey left Friday right after work and went camping with my dad and 2 of my brothers for the ward Father's and Sons annual camping trip. He seemed to enjoy the time he spent with the guys.
While I was home, I went to a pool party for our HOA clubhouse and had some lunch. I didn't go swimming, but I did enjoy a hamburger and visiting with neighbors, including meeting new neighbors. One thing I did not planning on it, was get a sunburn on my leg.
When Joey got home, Saturday afternoon, we went over to the great Walmart and bought some patch grass to patch up the dead spots on our lawn from Daisy, our dog, killing it. The sun was torture to our skin while we were repairing this, but good thing Joey is on top of it and pulled the sun block out BEFORE we went to work outside.
The city had a carnival come into town for the weekend and Joey HAD to go get funnel cake Saturday night. We went straight to the food court/area and to our surprise, NO funnel cake! We were both shocked. I thought all carnivals had funnel cake. Guess not. Joey was disappointed because of this, so he decided to play the game that has you throw a baseball at the milk jugs and try knocking all 3 of them down(look at the picture). Well, Joey must have a great aim because he knocked all 3 of the jugs down on the first shot. I was quite impressed and happy because he gave my the great big stuffed dragon he won from it. Since we weren't able to get funnel cake, we left the carnival and had some pizza from the new, best pizza place in town. It was a great end to the day.


Nephew's Birthday Party

Our nephew turned one this past week, so on Saturday his mom (Joey's sister) had a birthday party for him. We had a barbecue, ate cake, and the adult boys played Frisbee with all the kids. We had a lot of fun sharing this special event with our nephew. The best part was watching him hit his cake and then taste the frosting and realize how delicious it was. Our nephew made a mess on his face and hands, but it was worth it!


Sister's Graduation

Nicole's younger sister, Ashley, graduated from college this past weekend. Nicole was able to attend the ceremony and then have a gathering at our place with friends and family. We all had an enjoyable time. These are pictures with two of the sisters and one of the brothers.