Couple Pictures

We had Joey's sister, JayLynn take pictures of us as a couple in my mother in-law's yard.
We are hanging from this entrance way.

Holding hands and looking back

Our backsides

Joey loving Nicole

Nicole loving Joey. This picture is a little blurry-I wished
it turned out better.

Looking into the sky

Playing in the pool

Laughing because Nicole(I) couldn't hold Joey on my knee.

Staring into each others eyes-oh, how sweet!



Joey turns 29!

Joey's birthday landed on a Sunday this year(Aug. 16), so we didn't really do much. Joey did get to watch Tiger Woods play golf, so I think that made his day(even though Tiger lost).His mom made him his favorite meal(or used to be favorite) of roast, potatoes, and carrots all cooked together. She also made him his favorite cake, which is German Chocolate. I must admit that I had quite a lot of cake because the frosting for German Chocolate is my favorite frosting with all that coconut-YUM! My mother in-law didn't have a 2 and a 9 candle, so she put a 2, 0, and and number 1 candle in that cake and it looked like the number 201. I painted Joey a sign on wood that said Steelers on it and then had their team symbol. Joey loves football and his favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. When I gave him his gift, he was quite excited.

Daisy Getting Spa Treatment

I put these eye glasses that people wear at night on Daisy. She didn't care what I was doing for a split second, which was long enough to snap a photo. Doesn't she look so cute? I laugh when I see this picture. I think I should submit it into an animal calendar :)


Letting Love Lead-Families Supporting Adoption National Conference

July 31 and Aug. 1, Joey and I had the special opportunity to attend an adoption conference held in Layton, Utah. We were able to listen to adoptive couples who have already adopted, birth mothers say what they wish their adoptive couple had known, learn of ways to advocate for adoption, being able to afford adoption, listen to children who have been adopted and their stories, and many other wonderful talks and sessions. This conference invited everyone who is involved in adoption, including, birth parents, birth parents families, adopted couples and their families, and case workers.
The best thing Joey and I have been to this entire year was this conference. Both of us REALLY enjoyed the birth parent panels and being able to hear straight from birth parents and what they have gone through. My heart has opened up so much to them. It may seem really crazy, but by going to Families Supporting Adoption meetings and this conference on adoption, I have gained so much love to those women who choose to make such an unselfish decision. We were able to see what it would be like to have an open relationship(open adoption) with a birth mother, and the wonderful blessings it may bring to everyone involved.
The Holy Ghost was at the conference and in our hearts each day. It bore witness to us about the gift of adoption and the true miracle that it is. Our hearts are full and open to the wonderful gift of adoption. What a blessing it is to EVERYONE!