November 2012

Quinn looking good just after having a bath.

Quinn and I playing with the camera.

Practicing blowing kisses.

Giving kisses.
                       Quinn loves hanging out with Joey.  Once Joey is home, Quinn hardly ever leaves his side.  He's such a daddy's boy.

Quinn fell asleep after eating his lunch.

Quinn was playing with my phone and took a picture of himself.
                                                        Joey being his goofball self again.
                                                    No goofiness for me, just being cute.  :)

              I think we had some ice cream for Quinn(not sure, maybe oatmeal), and he did not want to take his eyes off of the t.v.  Must've been a good show!

October Happenings 2012

October was an eventful month with helping with the Halloween party for Joey's company, making Quinn's Halloween costume, taking him trunk or treating, and hanging out.
Quinn wanted some of Joey's rootbeer.  

September Happenings 2012

Oh my goodness!  I am not so great at keeping this blog updated, but here I go, updating after nearly 3 months of no updates.

Quinn is making a new face by puckering his lips funny.  Joey was trying to get him to do it in these pictures.

For Grandparents Day, Sept. 9, Quinn sent a hug in the mail to both set of grandparents.  I was barely able to get a picture of him coloring the paper.

Quinn reading a book all by himself.

Quinn climbs up behind the couch and plays "Peek A Boo!"

Quinn climbed into this stroller and sat down all by himself.

Quinn eating something full of chocolate.

We were wondering the mall for something to do and let Quinn play in the toy car.  He had a blast pretending to drive.

While we let Quinn play, we sat around patiently waiting, staying out of trouble.
He can never do a normal smile picture. 

If I can't get Joey to take a serious picture with me, I might as well join in the fun.  No worries-our noses were clean.  Ha ha
 Quinn fed himself some Macaroni and Cheese and devoured it.  I think he is saving some for later.


Zoo Time

Sept 1, 2012
We took a trip to the Topeka zoo, thinking Quinn would love it because he really likes reading books that have animals in it, but instead, was scared of nearly every animal except the giraffes, birds, & few other animals that were far away from him. Quinn was running on lack of sleep because he never fell asleep during nap time, so I think that played into his crankiness.
My favorite area was the tropical rain forest building. They had live plants growing, including banana trees(with green bananas on them), papaya trees(with fruit growing on it), cocao trees(or maybe they were coffee trees and I read that that is where the cocao bean comes from), & a whole bunch of other cooler and pretty looking plants.
Quinn may be fussy looking in the pictures, but we still had fun.


I Love

My two loves. Aren't they so cute together? I am so lucky!


You drive me crazy sometimes!

This is what Quinn has been doing all this week. Love it? Dislike it? Sometimes I feel a little of both when he does this because I can't get much done while in the kitchen anymore, or it takes longer.
On the positive side, better this than no child at all climbing tables. Ugh, the things kids do to drive us crazy-must be why I love him.


Little Night At The Lake

Aug 8, 2012
Those from Utah, southern Utah specifically, may not have known this, but there is a GIANT lake in Milford, called Milford Lake. Okay, so maybe Milford Lake isn't in Milford, Utah, but it is in Milford.
Milford Lake is literally, down the street from us, it just takes about 10-15 min to get there. We went out on Wednesday to fill my workout sandbag with sand for my weight. While I busily found nice smooth sand without rocks, Joey took Quinn out into the water to play. Quinn walked all the way out to where the water hit his neck and then he tried to sit down. He is not scared of water. He was so upset when we said it was time to go. He didn't care that his diaper was sagging :).