Joey's brother's graduation in Flagstaff, AZ. May 6-9, 2010

We headed over to Arizona and was able to see Joey's brother graduate with his masters degree in Counseling.

We hung out as family, and here are two of the brothers trying to find the hackey sack that rolled under the patio.

Family all gathered around to play hackey sack.

The boys and Joey's dad jumped into this trough and were pretending that they were rowing a boat (see their hands and arms in motion).

Us up in the mountains.

I thought this was turned, oh well. This is Joey with our nephew. He was helping him climb up the tree.

Joey playing stick ball with his brother, using a stick they broke off a dead tree and dirt clods.

The Buttrey children and dad on a great big dead tree. The is the Butt-Tree picture. :)

Joey with our other nephew, helping him pick up a giant stick.

We went out the the park and played. The three brothers were swinging and jumped out too see who went the furthest.

The girls now swinging, and yes, we also jumped out, except for my mother in-law, who didn't want to hurt herself.

I'm getting close to jump as my soon to be, sister in-law, Pauline is having a joyful time just swinging.

I just jumped!
This picture didn't turn for me either. Joey is playing hackey sack again with his brothers.
His brother Jonathon is hitting the sepa now.

There goes Joey again.

Hike up the hills. May 1, 2010

Joey and Daisy looking around.

Joey turning around and looking so wonderful! :)


We were sitting around with nothing to do and Joey thought of going to an area that is in the hills-not mountains and look for anything. I had a very enjoyable time because we hiked around and go to talk. I love hiking!

Texas Roadhouse April 30, 2010

We finally gave in and went to Texas Roadhouse. I absolutely love their rolls and their salmon and could only live without it for so long. You see, a while ago we went with a big group and were told we'd only wait 1 1/2 hours to be seated. I thought that was reasonable until after 2 1/2 hours of still waiting and the manager not knowing how long until the group sitting would be leaving, I was ready to leave and go somewhere else. That's just what happened. We had little kids with us and they were starving so we left and Joey said we'd never go again. That's what brings us to now, where we decide to go on back and enjoy their delicious food.

This is the one picture I took of a stuffed armadillo that was next to our table. Forget the beer the armadillo is trying to drink, Joey and I thought that it was quite entertaining to see a stuffed armadillo right next to us(especially becuase we had watched Simon Birch not to long ago).


We went on a bowling date, since there isn't much else to do. We sure had fun.
Me getting ready to throw the ball.

Don't break my concentration! :)
Joey being Joey. I love this!

Joey just threw his ball.

I'm wearing Joey's new sunglasses he absolutely loves.

Easter Weekend April 2-4, 2010

Joey, my dad, my brother, Jeremy. This is right after the Priesthood session.

Nicole & Joey. Here we are being two goof balls, just like we like to be.

My dad and sister, Celeste. Craziness!

Part of my family, who's still at home, sitting around playing Skipbo.
Here we are again playing our game.
We headed on up to my parents place to visit my family for Easter. We played a lot of card games, including Skipbo and Phase Ten. My family enjoys playing sit down games a lot, especially when it is bad weather out, otherwise, we'd be outside playing around on the four-wheelers or just enjoying the nice weather. Here are some pictures of this weekend.