11/5/2010 Family Bowling Date Night

This past Friday night we went out together as a family to enjoy some time together. We went out the the bowling alley and played. I was taking all the picture, so we didn't get a picture of me-oh well.

Kaylee was so excited to bowl. She wanted a ball based on the color-not the weight. We first had her try to "granny" roll the ball, but it didn't go very fast, so we pulled out this gadget for her to put the ball on and push down. Kaylee's force to push the ball down was so strong each time that it would do a little jump off of this gadget. Can you tell in this picture that the ball is in the air, just a little bit?

Daemeon's turn to bowl. He loved grabbing the ball, which Joey would carry, and then pushing it off.

Daemeon was too excited for his second turn, he didn't want to wait all the way until the pins were knocked down. Here he is running to get the next ball so he could go again.

Joey's turn. I think you can hardly see the ball. Maybe he through the ball so far, it went to fast for it to get in the picture. :)

Joey throwing the ball under his leg. Can you tell where his hand is how he threw the ball? The kids loved watching him do this throw.

When we finished bowling, the kids rode on the little mari-go-round.
"Here we go around again!"

10/26/10 Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile

We were driving around and saw the Oscar Meyer Mobile in a parking lot and had to get a closer look. I don't think I've ever saw this in real life. We got a picture of the kids in front of it because it needed to be remembered.


10/29/2010 Halloween and Trunk or Treat

On Friday the 29th, the car dealerships in town were holding their annual trunk or treating. The kids got to dress up and then play games to get candy prizes. Both Kaylee and Daemeon were really excited to wear their costumes.
Daemeon is a zebra(I wish you could see the back of his costume w/his mane and tail). Kaylee is a butterfly.

I had to post this picture because of the look on Daemeon's face. He was giving me that fake smile, which I interpret as, "I'm smiling because you want me to, but I don't want to so this is what you're getting." Ha, ha, ha-I love it!

Sorry, I forgot to turn this picture, so you'll have to turn you head instead. Kaylee is golfing at the trunk or treat.

Daemeon is throwing the bean bag into the jack o lantern.

After he threw the bean bag. You can see part of his mane on the hat he is wearing.

I saw this cute decoration and had to put the kids on it to get a picture.
After trunk or treating we went home and carved pumpkins. Kaylee and Daemeon told us what they wanted and Joey and I cut it out.
This is Kaylee's pumpkin and I had found this picture/face online as an idea and she really liked it.

Joey asked Daemeon yes and no questions on the eyes, nose, and mouth to help figure out what he wanted. This is how Daemeon's pumpkin/jack-o-lantern turned out.

10/22/2010 Crawdad Fishing

I don't know if you've ever heard of crawdads, but I know that I didn't hear about them or see them until our camping trip this past September with Joey's family. The boys(Joey's brother and friend) found some crawdads in the lake, caught them and boiled them up with dinner that night. I must say that was interesting to see, but it didn't taste much different than crab, except smaller pieces and it had a little "lake" taste to it.
Joey knew of an area that was overloaded with crawdads and wanted to go fishing for some so he could have some good eating. We all went out together to help him fish(you reach in and grab them with your hands) for the crawdads, more or less, we would follow him down the bank of the river, wait for him to catch the crawdads, he'd throw them to us and we'd put them in the bucket of water. :)
Kaylee mentioned that she was having a lot of fun multiple times and that we should do this more often. I didn't think it would be such a favorite activity, but maybe we'll have to come out to the river every now and then and enjoy it all.

Joey has his big wader boots on so his pants don't get wet.
Daemeon and Kaylee waiting around.

We got some!

Daisy wanted in on some of the fun. Can you tell how muddy her paw is?

Having a good time.

Look how many we have!

Kaylee holding the claw that fell off of one of the crawdads once Joey threw it to me.

Deeper into the water.

Joey holding Daemeon and letting him reach into the water to feel how cold it is.

Joey caught it and Daemeon got to hold it and put it in the bucket. Daemeon was so happy and proud of himself.

Kaylee playing in the water. Right around this area of the river, it was really muddy. Kaylee had stepped over about 2 feet from where she is in this picture and literally got stuck in the mud. I laughed because I had not seen that happen for a very long time. The laughter helped Kaylee ease up on being scared and she realized that she could work her way out of the mud without losing her shoe(she just had to take the shoe off, step to the side while holding onto me, and grab the shoe out of the mud).

10/9/10 Making Halloween Decorations

I found some fun crafts for the kids to do online for Halloween. Here they are making ghosts with silly faces, hand spiders, and jack o lanterns. The love doing crafts, so having this planned out for them was a joy. Almost each day after this, Kaylee would ask for a Halloween craft to do.

* side note: Kaylee's hat is from pbs.org, where she earned it by playing either a spelling or reading game. She earned jewels to put on it and then was able to print it at the end. She wore this crown all day long and all day long the next couple days.


9/20/2010 Temple Visit

For Family Home Evening(time you take once a week to spend with family) this week, we decided to head down to St. George and show Kaylee and Daemeon the St. George temple. We have been talking about what temples are and the importance of them the past couple weeks, so Joey and I figured this would be a good trip.
We went into the visitors center and were able to show some videos that talked even more about temples, the importance of them, prophets, and there were pictures of different rooms inside the temple that the kids could look at.

The sun is glaring, but can you tell how beautiful this temple is? Joey and I were sealed and married in this temple, so it is very near and dear to our hearts.
Inside the visitors center, we were able to look at this beautiful statue of Jesus Christ. I think this is called, "the christus." Seeing this picture and the statue looking down and over reminds me that Jesus Christ is here for us and died for us so that we may have the opportunity to one day return to him. He will help us through the rough and tough times.

Another beautiful picture of the temple. Joey, Kaylee, and Daemeon are in the corner of the picture on the bottom of the stairs.

Looking at the waterfall and flowers.

Standing in front of the waterfall and some flowers that are on the landscape.

9/18/10 Another Family Wedding!

Joey's step brother, Robby, got married and we attended the ceremony and family gathering afterwards. Kaylee had a blast playing with the "3 brother sibling" combo (our nephews). Daemeon loved just running around being a kid.

I wanted to show off Kaylee's hair because I was so proud of it and thought it looked so darn cute! Here is a front picture of what it looks.

Drum roll please. This is the top of her hair, which I absolutely loved, but you can't tell that it looks like this from the front of her picture. I wanted her to look good for the wedding, so I tried out this cute hair-do.

Kaylee and Daemeon at the church posing by this neat looking tree.

Gira and Robby ready to cut the cake.

Kaylee running around with "one of the boys."

Daemeon dancing and entertaining himself.

Kaylee is running away from someone, thus the look on her face.

Daemeon still entertaining himself by laying down and spinning on the floor.

Joey has gotten involved with the boys running and they have chosen to
chase him.

Isn't he the cutest thing?

The two boys. (Joey had to wear glasses because he had just recently gotten Lasik eye surgery).

The two gals.

9/11/10 Camping Trip

We got to go "camping" with Joey's family. The kids and I didn't actually camp overnight, but we went up early and the morning and left later on at night. Joey was sad to miss out on this adventure and have to work.

We were by a lake and here is one of the ducks.
Daemeon loved going out to ook at the ducks.

Kaylee with my neice Aurora- they are 8 months apart.
Daemeon and Kaylee looking at the ducks.

The 3 boys who are 6 months total apart between all 3.
Two men and a little boy.

Kaylee reading to Daemeon. Dinner time.
The boys sharing a "table."

Kaylee and her new best friend, Aurora.
Some of the kids playing in the dirt.
Playing and posing.