Oct. 9-11 Weekend

This weekend was my sisters bridal shower, so I was able to ride the 4 hours up to the Salt Lake area with a friend Friday night. Joey on the other hand, was able to go to a get-together for his brother's birthday. I was able to hang out with my sister all day Saturday, along with attend the bridal shower, and we also hung out for a couple hours on Sunday before I left to head back down to southern Utah.
Joey was able to go to our niece's birthday party on Saturday, here in town, and have fun with family members. I am sad that I missed that, but then I'm not because I see those family members throughout the week, where as, I only see my sister every couple of months. Joey was able to keep himself occupied while I was gone though and I am glad for that. Thank goodness for family!

Friends from Tristan's family at the bridal shower.

Co-workers of Ashley's(except the one on the farthest left, Jackie, who is an old co-worker).

My two cousins, Melody and Laura, with my Aunt Vanette

Ashley with her old roommate, Kalyn

Nicole and Ashley at the bridal shower.

Nicole, Ashley, and her fiance Tristan at The Pizza Factory.