A new baby in the family. 3/30/2011

We got the special privilage to go to Montana to be in the hospital when our little Quinn was born and then to be at the hospital with him the entire time and take him home.  This was such a great experience, seeing how it is our first newborn in the family.  I, Nicole, was able to be in the room for delivery(C-Section) and be the first one to see our angel Quinn come out.  He looked so cute and little.  Quinn did decide to hold his breath a couple times, which helped him go into the NICU.  The nurses were very nice and supportive.  Joey and I were the first ones in to see him.  Birth mom and dad were able to share this special time with us and let Joey and I stay with them in the hospital during the day and go see Quinn together, or take turns seeing him, during the time he was in the NICU.  After 5 days of being in the NICU (due to Juandice and not eating well), Quinn was released from the hospital.  We loved having that first week of Quinn's life to share with just us before we went back home to Kaylee and Daemeon and to see our other family members. 
  Quinn was 7 lbs. 10 oz and 19 inches long when he was born.
 Quinn in the NICU hooked up to the oxygen.  Luckily he only had to be hooked up for 13 hours and then was able to breathe on his own. This was about 2 hours after being born.  3/30/2011
 Thinking really hard.
 4 days old.
 Daddy feeding Quinn.
 Sunday, April 3, 2011- Quinn get released from the hospital.  Here he is getting ready in a car seat for the first time.
 Daddy taking Quinn out of the car.
 Quinn sleeping at the home we were staying at.  This was my favorite newborn outfit we had for him.
You know how the majority of babies love to be wrapped up tight and have their hands wrapped in the blanket by their face?  Well, Quinn did not.  He would always-and still does-pull his arms out and sleep with them above his head, just like this picture.

Kaylee Turns Six 3/18/2011

We did our own little family celebration for Kaylee's birthday.  One thing that I thought was quite funny is I had the cake ready for Kaylee, put the candle in and lit the candle so we could sing, "Happy Birthday."  Instead of waiting for us to sing, Kaylee blew the candle out immediately.  So much for singing, she wanted to get straight to the cake.  Hey, at least she enjoyed everything about her birthday.
 Birthday girl is ready to go to school.
 Kaylee's cake.
 Picture of Kaylee with her cake right before she blew out the candle.
 Opening her well wrapped gift.  :)
 "Ooh, what is it?"
 "And what is this?"
"It's a playdough kit and all about animals work/puzzle book."
Kaylee loved both these gifts and have played with either one of them at least once a day.

Daemeon Turns Three! 3/1/2011

We were able to celebrate Daemeon's birthday early with Grandma Roberta and and Grandpa Chris. We then did a little celebration at home with our own little family. 

 Messy face.
 Yes, that is red frosting on my chin
 "What is it Daddy?"
"Look at what I got!"


Carnival in town- Feb. 22, 2011

Daemeon and I got to go to the traveling carnival that came for the weekend.  We walked around first so he could see what he wanted to do, then he picked two rides and we went and bought tickets.  The first ride was a car he sits in and it goes around in circles.  I couldn't get on with him because I'm too big so I prepped Daemeon for the ride, letting him know that he has to be a big boy and ride by himself and I"ll watch him.  He was totally okay with that until I walked away after getting him fastened into his car.  Then he started crying and reaching out for me.  They started the ride and Daemeon cried through 3/4 of it and then he got distracted by the steering wheels in the car and started playing with them(too bad he didn't discover that sooner).  Here are the best pictures I could get. 

Yes, he's crying in this picture (he looks so sad).

Blurry face.

He's happy and is relaxed.  Notice how his hand is on the steering wheel, he enjoyed spinning it.

After this ride we went on a twirling apple ride together and then got some funnel cake and cotton candy.  Of course, Daemeon ate the cotton candy and didn't care too much for the funnel cake.

Swimming at the new Aquatic Center- Feb. 9, 2011

Kaylee enjoys being able to sit in the pool and not have it feel like she'll drown.

Daemeon having fun.


Kaylee swimming around.

Daemeon splashing and playing.

February Fun

 Blowing balloons up.  Daemeon was having a little trouble.
 "I'm trying"
"What do you think of this?"

Daemeon playing with some fake teeth that go with a toy Kaylee has called, Fuzzoodles. 

The kids are running back and forth between the couches and running into the pillow soft couches.  They were having so much fun together, I had to get a picture.

We're adopting a baby!

We found out the beginning of Jan. that a birth couple wants us to adopt their little baby that should be born the end of March.  We went ahead and told my parents on Jan. 29, 2011 and then were going to tell Joey's family the next day, but turned out that his mom and step-dad were out of town and when they did get into town it was too late to go over their.  When we finally told them, they had already heard through someone that Joey's brother works with, who's husband works with my dad.  We didn't end up taking any pictures of the in-laws reaction to finding out we are adopting this baby boy because we knew their reaction wouldn't be much of a "surprise" look. 
   Here are pictures of Nicole's parents unwrapping a picture frame that says "Baby Quinn to be born the end of March" or something similar to that.  My dad had a little trouble at first understanding what we meant and he asked, "Are you pregnant?"  I said, "I would have 2 months left, which means I'd be showing, so no, we are adopting."  You can get an idea to their reaction in the multiple pictures I took.

Opening the gift
"Oh, how cute. What does it say?"

"Am I reading that right?"

"OH MY!"
"You're adopting?"

Silly Kaylee - Jan. 23, 2011

Kaylee loves it when I make her hair stick up when I'm washing it.  Well, I decided to be silly and give her some facial hair with the bubbles from the shampoo.  She loved it and wanted a picture, so here she is.
We have too much fun!

New Year's Celebration 2011

Joey's family went and bough a pinata for the kids to hit to celebrate the new year.  Here is everyone taking a chance to knock out the pinata.
 Daemeon observing the moving pinata.
 Daemeon trading turns with his cousin.
 Cousins Parker and Aurora admiring the pinata.
 Watch Kaylee swing!
 Joey had to have a shot at it!
 "I think I've got it!"
 "Oh, come on."
"Come back here."