Christmas Morning. Dec. 25, 2010

Christmas was a huge joy as this was mine and Joey's first time being mommy and daddy when Christmas came. We had a ton of fun buying the gifts(1 month before Christmas) and then wrapping the gifts(about 3 weeks before Christmas) and then having the anticipation to wait until Christmas came. We were both very excited that the month of December went by really slow for us.
Christmas morning Joey and I were up at 6:00 AM. We were planning on going to Joey's family's for the day and visiting with them, but knew that 6 am was too early to head on over-plus, the kids were still sleeping. We let the kids sleep until 7:00 am and then we excitedly went and woke them up to tell them that Santa came. I waiting downstairs with the video camera, while Joey woke them up and walked downstairs with them. Kaylee was really excited to see the gifts under the tree, and Daemeon just wanted to know what they were for, since he doesn't fully understand the concept of Santa.
We had Kaylee and Daemeon open up one gift and the same time, show each other and show us, then they could open another gift. Kaylee wanted to keep opening more and more and Daemeon wanted to play with his toy once he had opened it.

Kaylee trying to figure out what Fazoodles are. She loves playing with this crafty kit she got.

Daemeon excited to open a gift.

Each of them opening a gift. I think this was their first gifts that they each opened.
Daemeon got a soccer ball, basketball, and football.

Kaylee got a Princess and the Frog puzzle.

Daemeon got Chuck the Tonka truck. He talks and moves around trying to dump things out of his truck. Daemeon loved this truck.
Opening their gifts from great grandma.

Sorry for the crooked picture. They're looking at their bears from great grandma.

I opened the gift Kaylee made for me and Joey. It is an ornament with a picture of her on it. We love this and will cherish it always.

Joey got his Red Rider BB gun! He kept asking for it everytime we went into Walmart because it's the same gun from The Christmas Story(one of Joey's favorite Christmas movies) and he just had to have it. I surprised him and had it hidden until Christmas morning. I pulled it out and he said, "What? What do you have? I thought we were done opening presents?" or something to that effect. He was super excited, and of course, took it to his mom's house to play with when we went later that day.

Christmas Eve. Dec. 24, 2010

Christmas Eve was filled with such joy and delight. All the grandkids that were at Grandma Kathy's made a gingerbread house with graham crackers and candy.

Kaylee having Grandma Kathy help her with her house.
Daemeon trying to figure out what to do next on his house.

Aunt Pauline helping Daemeon put candy on his house.

Working by themselves on there house.

Daemeon's final house.
Kaylee with her final house.

Kaylee opening her gift from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bobby.
Daemeon opening his gift from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bobby.
Daemeon opening his gift from mommy and daddy.

Kaylee opening her gift from mommy and daddy.

Wearing the pajamas they got from Grandma and Grandma and holding the pillow pets they got from mommy and daddy. I didn't get a picture, but they each got a quilt that I had made them. Kaylee and Daemeon got to sleep in their new pj's, with their new pillow and their new blanket Christmas Eve night. They were both very excited about this.

Visit with great aunt and uncle, Bill and Joyce Dec. 18, 2010

We got to see/visit with Bill and Joyce before Christmas and they had gotten the kids each a little present. Here are Kaylee and Daemeon opening there gifts and playing with them. They loved the gifts and played with them all weekend long.

Sitting on Santa's lap. Dec. 17, 2010

The last day of school before Christmas break, Santa comes to visit all the classes. Seeing how I work in the school, I talked to Kaylee's kindergarten teacher and asked if she cared if I brought Daemeon to her class so he could see Santa. She didn't mind at all, so here are the kids on Santa's lap.

Kaylee had all sorts of questions for Santa and said that she has been a good girl.
She told Santa she wanted a DS. All the kids in the class were saying they wanted a DS and Santa was calling that a Double Scoop (of icecream). Santa is telling his elves that Kaylee wants one DS.
When Daemeon's name was called to see Santa, he ran right up to him and reached up to sit on his lap-no shyness at all! He didn't say much to Santa but seemed quite happy to sit with him.

When Daemeon got his candy train(a train made of multiple pieces/types of candy), he pulled off the Hershey Kiss, unwrapped it, and handed the wrapper to Santa, all while sitting on his lap. Once he finished the one piece, he pulled off another and tried to give Santa the wrapper, and then, the rest of the train. He seemed to not care about the train, just as long as he got at least one piece of candy from it. I had to help him get down, otherwise he would've been on Santa's lap all day.

Cookie decorating for the tree! Dec. 3, 2010

I got the great idea from a really good friend of mine and now sister in-law's mom to make sugar cookies, dry them out, decorate them, and hang them on the Christmas tree. Here are the kids decorating the cookies. That frosting they are using was a little tough to get out, so they really are squeezing hard.

Daemeon and Kaylee decorating.

"Yay, we finally go some icing out!"

The final cookies-yes, I did help. I couldn't resist the temptation of decorating cookies.

Hanging the cookies on the Christmas tree.

As you can tell, Daemeon had one favorite spot to hang his cookies. :)

Odds and Ends Dec. 2010

I believe this picture was taken near then end of Dec. because I know for a fact that we didn't have snow for Christmas this year. Daemeon wanted to play outside in the snow so we went out and all he wanted to do was jump in the big piles and lay down in the snow. I had to get this darling picture of him playing in the snow and having a good 'ol time.
When Daemeon comes into the school to visit me with Daddy(Joey) he loves looking at the ABC chart that I have. He does a really good job pointing to each letter and saying, "A, A apple, /a/, /a/ apple (The / / means to say the short sound of the letter).

When the Walmart Toy Guide ad came out before Christmas, the kids had to look and see if there was anything they wanted to pick to ask Santa for. I love seeing this picture with Joey and the kids. He's such a good dad.

Okay, so this picture was taken at the end of Nov. but I have already posted all the other Nov. pics, so this one got to come to the Dec. pictures-oh well. This was taken at our friend and babysitter's baby shower(yes, it is the same person). The kids came and saw the fun gifts she got, but I think Kaylee and Daemeon enjoyed the food and treats the best-don't all kids?

Helping clean the house- Nov. 2010

As I'm trying to update this blog with pictures from holidays and around the house, I don't recall exact dates when the pics were taken, so they will just have the month and year.

We were having clean the house day and usually Kaylee picks to clean the bathrooms and I'll get started on everything else, while Daemeon goes back and forth between helping us. (Joey is usually working when I have a cleaning day). This day Daemeon wanted to help me vacuum the living room. I let him take over and I got one area of the floor vacuumed really well, while the rest of the floor needed my assistance. I think vacuuming is Daemeon's favorite chore because EVERYTIME the vacuum is pulled out and he sees he, he comes running up to me and says, "I do it please?" It is so cute. Kaylee on the other hand, would enjoy vacuuming, but then when I tell her that she needs to vacuum her bedroom and the living room, she's out. She'd rather vacuum one little spot and be done. :) Kids are such and joy and a blessing.


Thanksgiving 2010

We were able to go to my parents house and enjoy time with family and some friends that had come for dinner with my brother, Trevor. Daemeon loved eating his olives off of his fingers, so of course, here he is enjoying the olives. I didn't get any other pictures of people eating because Joey and I were enjoying the food too much ourselves.
Of course, people fell asleep after eating all the turkey. I fell asleep and my sister Celeste(the one on the far right) took a picture of me, but it was too up close and personal to post. You can imagine the picture instead. :)

The grandkids and my youngest brother went out for ride on the sled that was being pulled by the 4 wheeler. I had to get a ride myself, so I only got some pictures-but it was SO much fun. This is one thing I look forward to when we visit my parents and there is snow on the ground.

This is Kaylee, Daemeon, and Matthew.

Here we have my brother Matthew, and then some of the grandkids, Deni, Daemeon, and Kaylee.

Kaylee loves making snow angels!

"We are freezing! Can we please get warm by the fireplace?"

Daemeon went to get dressed and he said he wanted to wear "mommies" pants. So here he is, wearing my pants.

The day after Christmas, we went to listen to my brother Matthew sing christmas songs he learned in school. His entire class sings outside the city building. Here is my sis Celeste with Daemeon waiting for the music to start.