Family BBQ and Swimming Party

My(Nicole's) sister, brother in-law, and their kids came to visit from Colorado. We decided to do a BBQ and have a swimming party. My family doesn't seem to get together as often as Joey's, so this BBQ and swimming meant a lot to me. These pictures were taken by my younger brother(10 yrs), who had an ear ache. He was a good sport and took many pictures.

My brother Trevor

Me(Nicole) dancing with my sister, Brittany. Matthew accidentally cut her off.

Joey jumping in to splash me and our niece. I did not expect this splash!

This is what Joey's splash looked like every time. Can you imagine what it felt like?

My sister, Celeste, holding our nephew.

Joey playing in the water.

Brittany, Celeste, Emerson(nephew), and Ethan(nephew).

Joey jumping in to surprise my dad with a great big splash. It sure did work!

Celeste, Emerson, and my dad.

Niece, Abigail, and nephew, Ethan.

My dad, Celeste, Emerson-there sure are a lot of pictures with Celeste and Emerson-oh well.


Bike Riding

We went to visit Nicole's parents for Pioneer Day-24th of July. While we were there, Nicole was able to drive her younger brothers dirt bike. This was the first time she had ever driven a motorcycle. She was nervous to get started, but once she was going, it was a cinch. She drove a little 80 cc and Joey drove a 125 cc (I think). Joey told Nicole that she needs to try out the bigger one because it would fit her better, but she was too scared; she thought the little one was perfect for her. Maybe on a different day she can try out the bigger one-maybe.

Girl's Camp

I was the Girl's Camp Director for our ward this year. We left on the 4th year overnight/backpacking hike on July 20, camp for the other girls started July 21, we all went home July 23. I was designated to go on the 4th year hike with our two 4th year girls, which meant all the other leaders were in charge of packing everything and getting all the girls up to camp. Joey and I love camping, but we haven't had a chance to go this summer, so this was MY camping trip for the summer. I had a lot of fun with the young women and getting to know them even more.

Nicole and one of the 4th year girls from my ward on our backpacking hike.

For some relaxation after the hikes, we did a spa treatment for the girls and let them soak their feet in warm water that had bath salts in it. The girls painted each others toes and/or finger nails and I also helped paint toes and finger nails.

One the the young woman getting her toes painted while the other painted her toes.

I painted a young woman's toes. This was the first time EVER for her to get her toes painted.

I'm missing one girl in this picture. We had a total of 8 girls from our ward and this is them doing a craft activity. Notice the large sunglasses-I absolutely loved them on the girls!

Freeze Tag!

Family and friends were visiting my mother in-law on July 10th. The kiddos wanted to play a game, so I mentioned Freeze Tag, and of course, they all jumped to the idea. I was "it" at first because I'm the one that came up with the game. It had seemed like forever since the last time I played tag, but I had a blast. The kiddos were very good sports about it and didn't mind being "it" when the opportunity came.


July 4th-Independence Day Celebration

We had an eventful day for the 4th. Joey's sister and brother were visiting for the weekend, so we made the best of it. We started out with a parade, went to the park, ate lunch at McDonald's, went swimming, took a nap, played with bubbles, went bug searching, playing in a field, and then watched fireworks. We were all so tired when the day was over with. Good thing the next day was Sunday-a good day for resting.

We liked this awesome looking outfit this old man was wearing in the parade.

Our niece and nephews holding 2 Boxer puppies while we waited for the parade to start.

Everyone getting situated and not paying attention to the camera.

We tried to take a group picture before the parade started, but the sun was right in our faces.
Oh well, we tried!

Many of the floats had people either throwing water balloons or squirting water guns. A float was going passed us and we are all entering the "danger zone."

"Egging" on the squirters.

Getting wet from the water guns.

That was fun for us!
The kiddos wanted to play with bubbles, so Joey pulled out THE Almighty Bubble Maker.

This is the biggest bubble he made, but it popped too soon.

Allison is trying to catch a big bubble

She didn't get the big one, but she caught one of her own.

Blowing a bubble through a rain gutter pipe.

Almost loose.

He got it!

The Independence Day festival in the park was really crowded once we got there, so we decided to skip the chaos and go to McDonald's instead for lunch. Here's the kiddos plus some, playing with and on the toys/slides in the play area of McDonald's.
Joey and I went bug searching with our niece and nephew in a field close by.

Looking around for the bugs.

Searching together

Joey looking under a rock.

Nicole about to look under a rock.

We finally find a grasshopper and Joey catches it!