It is snowing huge snowflakes right now, so Joey and I went outside to look at them. We could see the flakes best when you stand out in them and look straight up. While we were looking at them, we decided to try and catch them with our mouths. Of course, this plan didn't work too well. We were each able to catch a couple snowflakes in our mouth, but then our eyes kept catching the flakes too and we couldn't see anything for a quick second.
We all have a little kid inside us, when we find the inner kid, things become fun and there are no worries. Things like catching snowflakes make me love Joey even more!

Thanksgiving Day

We celebrated our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, Nov. 22 with Joey's family. Joey's brother came into town and we also had some of his other siblings who live in town, here on Sunday. We had a very good time being able to celebrate a family holiday together. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Joey's mom's house again, but this time it was just Joey and I, my mother in-law and father in-law, and my brother in-law. We had more of a Sunday dinner meal and shared what we were thankful for. I am thankful to have Joey in my life and all the love and support he has provided to me. Joey said he is thankful for family. Even though we have trials that come our way, we always have family to be there for us. Joey and I have each other to lean on, we are able to turn towards his family who lives in the same town, and then my family is only about one hour away, and there is always a telephone to call. Heavenly Father sent us here on Earth with a family for a reason. We all need each other.


Vegas Trip Nov. 13-15

SIDE NOTE: Sorry to all of you out there who have been waiting for an updated post and not seen one-life has caught up with me and been busy with the holidays, work, and who knows what else.
Joey and I both needed a trip away together
because work and school have been crazy. We decided to take a trip to Las Vegas since it is not far away. We walked the Strip until our feet couldn't move anymore, but got many beautiful pictures. Friday night we went out to Macaroni Grill-Joey hasn't been there FOREVER, so I thought it was a great idea. Saturday night we were able to get tickets to see Cirque De Soleil's show, Ka. We thought it was so neat to see the different fights and acrobatic tricks they performed. We slept in only until 8:00 am Sunday, so we decided to get up and head home.

We relaxed at the hotel while we decided where to go eat.

Joey eating a seafood and pasta dinner at Macaroni Grill.

Nicole eating at Macaroni Grill.

Standing in front of one of the hotels nice landscaping.

Joey in front of a waterfall.

Both of us in front of the pretty waterfall.

Walking down the strip.

In front of the Venetian Hotel. They give rides on a boat in this water to make you feel like you are in Italy.

Joey having to walk away from one of his dream cars-a Ferrari.

Nicole at the M&M store.

Joey being a gentleman and carrying all the shopping bags, including Nicole's purse.

These three pictures are on our trip home. We decided to be silly on our drive home.