Happy 1st Birthday Quinn. 3/30/12

Our little angel is getting so big. He turned 1 yesterday, but we couldn't do a party for him because he is sick with RSV and has an ear infection in each ear. I took some pictures of him in the morning in his PJs. At night, I decided to buy him a little bright cake to celebrate his birthday. His aunt Celeste and I were able to light a candle for him and sing Happy Birthday to him. He was quite mesmerized by the burning candle when we are all done singing. He wanted to take that cake and devour it- or maybe it was more like the frosting.


Going Private!

I need some privacy please!!!!!!!   Ha, ha, ha.  After much debate in my head, I've decided to make this blog private.   I don't really like the idea of strangers reading about my life and looking at pictures of me and my family, so here goes.  I'm announcing this to let you know that I'll give you one week to give me your email address if you'd like to read my blog.  As long as I know who you are, you are more than welcome to read it.  Like I said, I don't want any creapy strangers taking a peek.  By April 1st, I'd like you to email me at squirt-1@juno.com. And no, it's not an April Fools joke(you were thinking hard about that one, weren't you?  :) Thanks everyone!

March Madness?

Is this month supposed to be mad?  or crazy?  I'd say, more like crazy for me.  Quinn and I got to spend the 1st week of March with Joey and then we had to say, "see you in a while" and, "good luck" to him on the 5th.  From then on, it's been Quinn and I hanging out together(except I do have to go to work and Quinn gets to go to daycare and socialize).  One thing I don't miss about the actual basketball March Madness is having the TV on from Joey watching all the basketball games.  That's a plus, isn't it?

                                                       Playing in the window at the store.

Quinn got all worked up and zonked right out after playing in this window. 
Joey won him the Angry Bird pig? out of the claw machine on his first try.
                                                      Playing with buddies @ daycare

Isn't this picture beautiful?  I love his blue eyes in this pix.
                                                                    More vacuum please

               After being gone for a week and still in the reception stage(before the boot camp), the soldiers were allowed to have their phones back for about 4 hours.  During that time Joey called me, sent me this picture in his uniform, and Quinn and I sent him this other picture of us relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.  The phone call and picture made my day! I didn't think it could get any more warm and sunny, but it sure did.

                                        Shopping Cart = madness?
        Quinn does not like to ride in the shopping cart on the seat made for babies because he likes to see everything that we pass.  On 3-14-12, I decided to place him in the actual cart and all he wanted to do was stand.  It was either have him turning around in the seat part and standing up in the cart.  I chose to let him stand this time and I would walk super slow.  I don't think many people walking behind me were too pleased with my "slowness," especially since we were at Walmart-a very busy place here.

                                                         Aquatic Center Fun
We went to the city aquatic center with our friend, Amanda, and her family.  I took Quinn to the kid section(what you see in the background) and he hated it.  He would cry and scream until I took him out.  I decided to take him to the Lazy River, which you just walk around in a skeewompis shaped oval with the water flowing the same direction, and he loved it.  He relaxed his body and was laying in the water with me barely holding him up under his shoulders. 

                                                  Mommy and Quinn fun!
           3-24-12   Quinn was in a playful mood right before bed, so we played on the floor and laughed before he had to go to bed.  We had a lot of fun together.

This is not all for the month of March.  Kaylee and Daemeon each had their birthday.  Daemeon turned 4 and Kaylee turned 7.  I sent them each a card and a gift, & talked to them on the phone since they are too far for me to see.  They will always be a part of our family.

In 4 more days, Quinn will have his 1st birthday.  Yay for him!  I'm doing a little party for him and having family over to celebrate this special day with us.  I'll definitely be posting pictures of this fun event. 


Feb. 25, 2012

I know, this should've gone under the February 2012 section, but the internet was being slow and didn't feel like uploading any more pictures under that post, so here's another one. 
  We went bowling with family and ate dinner at the bowling alley(they have some awesome tasting burgers) for some weekend fun.  Even though Quinn isn't big/strong enough to bowl, he still wanted to participate. 

February Fun

We got a lot of pictures of Quinn this month(don't we every month?) and enjoyed every minute we spend together. 
     I'm sure you know this, but when a family member is going to be gone for a long period of time, we tend to make every event a special event, along with cherishing the time we have with each other.  February turned into a lot of cherishing and loving because Joey is leaving March 5 for Basic Training and he'll be gone for 4 months.  After it was all done, I think, we should be like this ALL the time, but of course we (I'm) not.  Everything else in life jumps in and I start to focus on all the other stuff that needs to be done, even if it's not as important as family.  Good thing we have times like this to make our priorities straight.  Family should always be number one!

Beautiful Quinn.  In the top left corner, Joey was sleeping
 and Quinn was trying to lay down with him.

Quinn Loves Blueberries!

Quinn at some freeze-dried Blueberries and they made a mess all over him.

This picture is with the flash on.  You can see the blue from the blueberry a little better.

Vegas Trip! 
Feb. 17-18, 2012
 To celebrate our anniversary early and have some time together, Joey and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend(Friday and Saturday).  We had plans to go out late and have fun together, so we decided to take a short nap to have energy to stay up.  Well, our short nap turned into an all night sleep.  We didn't do a whole lot of anything-but hey, we still got to spend some time with each other.

We love each other so much, we're willing to make silly faces with each other and take pictures of them.  :)

Drive home.  I needed one more picture of Joey.

I made this book out of a deck of cards and gave it to Joey the end of February.
I believe, doing something like this for someone you love so much
 helps keep the relationship strong.
*Thanks to Pinterest and The Dating Divas, where I got this great idea. 

                                         Quinn sitting at the big kids table
I sat Quinn at the big kids table at Grandma Kathy's house to eat
Goldfish crackers, and he was able to balance himself to sit and eat.

We love our little Quinnster!

Family Pictures Feb. 12, 2012

I wanted some family pictures before Joey left for basic training in March, so we took our own pictures in our home. 
Nicole and Quinn trying out the lighting.

Joey and Quinn trying out the lighting.

Our final selection!