Water Fight!

Over the 4th of July weekend, all the kids(nieces, nephews,etc) wanted to play in the water in the ditch in front of my parents house. Their wasn't much water in the ditch, so we didn't see this as a problem. Joey decided to pull out a bucket, fill it with water, and of course, dump it on the kids. This started a huge water fight. Some kids were crying because they didn't want to get wet from others, and other kids were laughing because they were having so much fun. All of the kids goal at the end was to soak Joey with a bucket of water. My niece, Abigail, was finally able to pull it off and soak Joey with a bucket of water.

Here are pictures of the kids playing with Joey, who is in the orange shirt.


Time with Nicole's Family

July 5, 2010
My two sisters from Colorado came to visit all my family. We had gone up the canyon and roasted hot dogs, played in the big trees, the kids played in the sandbox (who knew a sandbox would be at a campsite?), and we roasted marshmallows to make smores. We all had a blast! Kaylee and Daemeon really enjoyed playing with all the young kids around.

All of my family that was there. We were missing four of my siblings(that makes 12 total kids if you were trying to figure it out-6 boys 6 girls).

Here's Daemeon eating his smore. I love seeing the "before and after" type pictures.

Kaylee devouring her smore. She sure did enjoy it!

Daemeon putting on one of the girls' hat. He was having fun playing with it.

My youngest brother Matthew with Daemeon and nephew Emerson.

All the little kids playing in the sandbox up the canyon.

This is the best picture we were able to get with us all "smiling."

Independence Day Fireworks

July 3, 2010
We had some time to play around in the baseball field we were right next to while waiting for the sun to go down all the way.
I don't know if Daemeon has seen fireworks before, but he covered his eyes once the fireworks started. He'd go back and forth with covering his eyes and then his ears, so I plugged his ears and he covered his eyes. By the time the fireworks were over with, Daemeon had fallen asleep. Staying up past his bedtime is not fun for him.

Daemeon, Celeste, Matthew

Kaylee and Brittany

Daemeon playing with Brittany. Kaylee playing with Matthew.

Independence Day 2010

July 3, 2010
We went and the Independence Day celebration parade in Fillmore. We had a very enjoyable time. This is the first time Joey and I had taken the kids to a parade, so it was a lot of fun to see their reactions to different floats and how they responded to candy flying at them.

Watching the parade.

Eating popsicles and gathering candy.

Bottle Rockets June 18-19

While we were visiting my(Nicole) parents' my sister launched off some water bottle rockets. We had a lot of fun making them and then watching how far they'd go. Kaylee really enjoyed helping out.

Celeste getting the bottle rocket ready.

Kaylee checking out the bottle.

Kaylee watching Celeste to see how it's done.

Weekend to Nicole's parents' house

June 18 & June 19, 2010
We decided to head up to my parents house for something to do over the weekend.
Daemeon wanted to get his feet wet in the water from the ditch.
Here's Daemeon moving his feet and legs.
All done getting his feet wet. We're laughing and getting each other wet with our hands.

Kaylee playing on the tree swing. Nicole's brother, Matthew is pushing Kaylee.

Daemeon running into things.

June 27, 2010

Yesterday in church, Daemeon was so excited to sit down at his table during his nursery class. He ran a little too fast, and ran his eye right into the table. This is a picture of Daemeon the day after and you can see his eye is still swollen and cut on the side.

Crazy thing about this area he hit, just about 3 months later, we were walking across the street, he wanted to run, and BAM! Daemeon fell and hit his head/eye in the exact same spot on the curb of the sidewalk.

Life as we know it.

The very last day of school(work) for me,(May 28) I received a phone call from a friend of ours that said her husband was going to pick up her nieces 2 kids that she's having a hard time providing for at this time. Our friend asked if we were still interested in fostering these children for a little while, and, depending on if/when the mom is able to get herself up on her feet and able to take care of the kids we may or may not have the chance to adopt. We prayed about this and decided that it was a good choice. Whether we were able to adopt or foster for the time, we figured that we both had the opportuntity to be parents, something we both really wanted.

These are some pictures of the kids, Kaylee-5 and Daemeon-2 the first weekend they were with us. I pulled out the bubbles and let them play.
The pictures of Joey and I are the kids each wanting to take a picture of us.