Milford Lake

We drove out to see the Wildlife Fish and Hatchery at Milford Lake, on this lazy Saturday, to discover that it didn't open on Saturdays until later in the afternoon. We chose to drive around and look at the lake instead, which took us to watching some guys fish, which then made Joey and I want to fish, but we couldn't because we don't have our fishing license here. We bummed around until we couldn't stand the heat and headed home. What is really funny about this trip is that it took us about 10 min to get there and only about 2 min to come home. The road we took home ended up leading straight to our house, which we had no clue would do.

Book Basket

I put some of Quinn's books in a basket for him to have easy access. Quinn decided that he likes to walk around with the basket and read the books wherever.


New shoes and spiders

It is hard to run for long periods of time when you are wearing shoes that are made for cross training and do not provide a lot of hard running support. So I got me a new pair of running shoes and learned that besides being great at making me run faster(ha ha), they are great at killing spiders. I don't know what it is, but there are spiders everywhere by our home. I find myself killing multiple spiders a day, both in our home and just outside it. It's nice that they aren't giant tarantula type spiders(just little ones), but they become annoying.

Playing In The Rain July 18, 2012

We have had very hot weather this past week- over 100 degrees. With the hot weather, comes staying inside and mommy and Quinn going crazy not enjoying the outside. Throughout the day some rain clouds were rolling in and by 5:00 pm, they let loose. The temperature dropped to the 80's and Quinn and I went outside. I let Quinn play in the rain & didn't care how soaked he got. He loved it and I loved it.


Daddy's Boy

Quinn wanted to help Joey all weekend as we tried to unpack things and put furniture together. I didn't mind because I was able to get a lot done, but of course, Joey's patience with Quinn being right there was tested. :). Overall, Joey loved having Quinn right next to him and being "Daddy's little helper."

Quinn climbed into the box himself.

The picture of Joey sleeping is what Joey had to do to avoid Quinn coming up to him, leaning down next to Joey, saying hi, and then trying to sit on his head. Over and over Quinn would do that until Joey covered his head. I thought it was really funny, but of course, Joey just wanted to get a nap in.

A home we can call our own

This past weekend we found a home off-post that we liked. We were both glad to be able to move our stuff in and not have to live out of a suitcase any longer. We met the elder missionaries earlier last week and they offered to help us move when we found a home, so we took them up on there offer and were able to get everything out of the Uhaul and in the house in two hours.
Quinn loved playing on the ramp and trying to help.
The pictures of our home are from the AHRN website, I don't take any credit for the pictures take .

Hanging out in our temporary lodging. July 9-14

Quinn did so many fun and cute things while we were home all day together.
Quinn balanced himself between the couch and the living room table, he would pick the hotel phone up and say, "hi" and then hand the phone to me or Joey to talk. One of the mornings I made him oatmeal but I dropped the hot glass bowl and broke it, so I said, forget it, and gave him a donut for breakfast-he loved that!
On one of the nights we had a cheesy pasta with our dinner and Quinn loved it so much that he took a handful of it and shoved it in his mouth-no manners for him right now.

First Duty Station here we come!

In the beginning of July, Joey had to report to his first duty station in Kansas. We ended up doing a DITY(do it yourself) move with the army. We stayed at my sister's house two of the nights to save on hotel expenses and to have a chance to visit with them since it had been awhile since we saw them last.
Here are the pictures of us on the road.
Pictures are of us hanging out in the UHAUL, Quinn & I hanging out outside while Joey takes a power nap in the Uhaul, Quinn sitting in a spiderman chair at Harmonie & Eric's, our cars damage from the Uhaul car dolly breaking on us, and the wonderful look of Kansas.

Independence Day 2012

We spent half of the day in Fillmore & Kanosh with my family and the other half we spent in Cedar with Joey's family. With Joey being home, I wanted him to see family he hasn't seen for awhile, along with them wanting to see him.
I would've taken a lot more pictures then I did, but Joey wasn't a fan of pictures that day so I enjoyed the time with him and Quinn together.
The pictures are of us at the parade waiting for it to start. The dirty one of Quinn is from him playing in the dirt at grandma Kathy's house.

Joey's OSUT graduation. June 28, 2012

We were able to fly out to Georgia the end of June and see Joey graduate. It was so good to see him after being apart for 4 months and having a little weekend visit 6 weeks prior to graduation. I was going to get a picture of our family while Joey was in uniform, but I kept forgetting and ended up never getting one- oh well!
The pix are of Joey's company(Charlie Company) and the picture with a small amount of soldiers, about 24, is his platoon.

Quinn being Quinn. June 2012

Quinn is walking around everywhere and is mischievous with all things.
These pictures were fun to capture because he's not done these things before.
Quinn is leaning against the washer while it is on spin cycle. He seemed to like the vibrations.
In his high chair, Quinn was lifting the top part of his high chair cover tray, which was making a mess with his food.
Last of all, I had to include a cute face picture of Quinn.