I Love

My two loves. Aren't they so cute together? I am so lucky!


You drive me crazy sometimes!

This is what Quinn has been doing all this week. Love it? Dislike it? Sometimes I feel a little of both when he does this because I can't get much done while in the kitchen anymore, or it takes longer.
On the positive side, better this than no child at all climbing tables. Ugh, the things kids do to drive us crazy-must be why I love him.


Little Night At The Lake

Aug 8, 2012
Those from Utah, southern Utah specifically, may not have known this, but there is a GIANT lake in Milford, called Milford Lake. Okay, so maybe Milford Lake isn't in Milford, Utah, but it is in Milford.
Milford Lake is literally, down the street from us, it just takes about 10-15 min to get there. We went out on Wednesday to fill my workout sandbag with sand for my weight. While I busily found nice smooth sand without rocks, Joey took Quinn out into the water to play. Quinn walked all the way out to where the water hit his neck and then he tried to sit down. He is not scared of water. He was so upset when we said it was time to go. He didn't care that his diaper was sagging :).



Did I mention that Quinn loves water? Well our little townhome community has been quite weird with watering hours and they water in the middle the day when it is around 100 degrees. Which seems to be perfect for the kids out because I always see them running around in the sprinklers. Quinn and I had gone outside to throw out some trash and sure enough, he noticed the water and wanted to play. He ended up getting soaked, but didn't mind at all.

Quite an Eventful Weekend

July 27-28, 2012
Joey has a friend. Isn't that great? He has an advantage because this friend was actually in his platoon at BCT, so he kind of already knew him. This friend, Tyler, has been hanging out with Joey and even over here at the house with us, which I quite like because I get kind of tired of it being just me and Quinn conversation and sometimes just me and Joey. Friday night Tyler wanted to go out and look at golf clubs so he could go golfing with Joey. We all headed out and went to the store and then we ended up going bowling together.
The next morning Joey and Tyler went golfing, we hung out at the mall, and then at nighttime we got to see the Lieut. Dan Band with Gary Sinise from Forest Gump and CSI. The band was a free concert that was provided on base and they played a lot of new hits and rock 'n roll. It was all so much fun because it was better than normal "stay at home and watch a movie" routine.
Oh ya- the high bowling score is Joey's highest score ever- he was super excited. The other score is Tyler's.

Very Independent

Almost every morning Quinn and I go for a walk. I pulled the stroller out and went to go get shoes for Quinn to put on and this is what I found.

Snow Cone Anyone? July 26, 2012

The main street in this city has a house that is always packed with people there. The house first caught my attention when I saw all the chairs and tables, along with animal decorations outside. The thing about all the people being at the house though, was that they would be relaxing on one of the chairs, or at a table, and then there were some people that were up at the porch and they were all eating snow cones. Turns out, the lovely place is a snow cone shop. Joey and I decided that we wanted to try it out since it seemed to be packed all the time. These are some of the fun pictures that we took with all the different things that are outside of the house. Oh, and we think that the older couple running the shop really lives in the house.