Olive Garden and Temple Date

Friday night we were able to get out of Cedar City and head down to St. George with Joey's mom and step-dad. We went to the St. George temple and head a very nice time and then we headed to Olive Garden to eat some Italian grub. The food was very delicious. I always enjoy hanging out with the in-laws, so this night was wonderful for both Joey and I.

This is a beautiful picture of the St. George temple I found on the internet. I'm sure this is summer time.

Old time photo at Olive Garden. If this picture were black and white, people would think it was from the early 1900's or whenever they first had cameras.

Of course, we do a smiley picture and Joey wants to be really silly. Even though he may seem crazy in this picture, I still love his personality!


Yard Sale and Bake Sale

People in this world are so amazing! We received many donations from friends, neighbors, and co-workers for this yard sale and bake sale to raise money for adoption. We had one person comment that the yard sale was the best they'd been to in a long time. We had many things for people to buy, from clothes & shoes, to furniture, to movies, to home decor, and the list goes on. My parents, 2 sisters, and 1 brother helped us out with some of the bake sale items and then with all of the putting together and putting away parts. Joey's mom stopped by a couple of times and helped out with different things. We were able to make more money then we expected and it is all because of the donations and wonderful yard sale shoppers. Thank you everyone for your help and support!


Labor Day Weekend and THE GRAVITRON!

Joey is gone to Flagstaff, AZ. visiting his brother for the weekend. I could've gone with him, but chose to let him have some "boy" time, plus, I didn't really feel like getting in on all that "boy" time. I've been home by myself (except Daisy is with me-our dog), since Friday afternoon. It has been nice to relax, clean, and have some thinking time with the silence in our house.
Yesterday my sister in-law, JayLynn, invited me to go to the county fair with her, her 16 month old boy, Kai, and her fiance. Of course I said yes. JayLynn also invited her mom, and of course, she said yes too. We went to the petting zoo for Kai, walked around the booths, and looked at the exhibit. I didn't know what to expect in the exhibit, but it was all the different items entered into the county fair competition. Items ranged from garden vegetables and fruit to homemade crafts. It was really neat to see what children could do up to what seniors could do.
Once we left the exhibit, JayLynn & Heber were joking around about riding the Gravitron. Well, I hadn't ever heard of that, so I had them explain it to me. This is what they said(with me putting it in my words because I don't remember the specifics): It is a ride that forces all gravity on you, so your body is able to lean against the wall and be sideways or upside down and you won't fall. Well, I thought this ride sounded really cool and JayLynn said she'd ride it with me if I wanted to ride. I took her up on the offer. Right after buying the tickets I saw the ride. I was ready to back out. You see, this ride forces all gravity upon you by going around in circles REALLY fast. I don't do well with spinning like I did as a child and my equilibrium is not the same as it used to be, so I was uneasy. Of course, I couldn't back out because we had the tickets already. JayLynn, Heber, and I got on the ride (which is inside this cylinder machine with no way to see the outside world) and my stomach feels like it is in knots. I have to take deep breaths so I do not throw up. Everyone has to lean their body up against the mats that are all along the inside. Once everyone has done this, the ride slowly starts spinning in circles. As it speeds up, I feel my feet lift off the ground and I'm looking around and people are seriously 1-2 feet off the ground, sideways, and upside down while against the wall. I'm amazed at this ride. JayLynn and I start busting up in laughter. We tried to move our arms and body like others were, but it felt as if 100 pounds were forced upon us and we could barely move. This made us laugh even more. We were laughing the entire time the ride was going. The ride was definitely worth all the laughs I had with JayLynn, but it was not worth the dizziness and light-headedness it gave me for the rest of the night. If anyone out there ever gets a chance to ride a ride similar to the Gravitron, I highly recommend it, as long as you are with someone you can laugh with-be cautious about the side-effects it may cause though. (I posted some pictures off the internet of the Gravitron and what it looks like on the inside).