June 12th - Swimming

Nicole's brother, Matthew, came down to visit for the week. He wanted to go swimming everyday, but the weather was only in the late 60's early 70's, so it was too cold, plus there was a wind chill. Finally, Friday came the weather wasn't too cold(76 degrees), and hardly any wind. We decided that it was the chance Matthew would get to go swimming with us, so we went out to the pool and played.
Joey loves to dive into the water. It took him a couple minutes to get the guts up to dive in the first time because he thought the water would be really cold. Turns out, the water was lukewarm. Jumping in wasn't too bad after all!
Joey, Matthew, and I tried to take those cheap plastic balls and sit on them. We had a large ball, which Joey is holding himself up on right now, and a small ball. The large ball was so tough to get underneath my legs. Joey was the only one to get the large ball under him. The small ball was easy and it was fun to float part way under water, sitting down.