Snow over Spring Break

I woke up this morning and found snow on the ground, trees, buildings, and cars. I had to take pictures. I think it is so beautiful to see the snow on the trees. Here are some pictures of the snow and how much we've received so far. I measured the snow after shoveling the sidewalk and we had received 10 inches by 8:50 am. I think this may be the biggest snow storm so far this year. Call me crazy, but this snow storm is getting me all excited-I want to make a snowman or a snow slide, go sledding, and tromp through the snow. Hey, if snowboarding wasn't so darn expensive, I'd be heading up the mountains right now. It's supposed to be spring (it's spring break right now for the school district) and I'm getting excited about the snow-that's good, right?

I love this tree picture the best.

This picture is looking down our street-everything is so white!