"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"

We went to the musical, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" last night. Josh, Joey's brother came along to enjoy the show. It was hard for me to get into the show and I think it is because I didn't watch much Charlie Brown growing up. I must say though that the show had some parts that were really funny. Joey really enjoyed a part that had Snoopy and Sally going rabbit hunting and they come out in clothes that look like they are rappers and they started rapping. It was so funny, but yet really awesome to see and hear them do this. The pictures are only of us in the audience because once the show started, we couldn't take anymore pictures.

This picture I found on the internet. This is what the dog house looked like for Snoopy, along with Sally. The college students did a really good job portraying each character.

Me and Joey in our seats waiting the the show to start.

Joey and Josh waiting for the show to start.

A Crib is Not for Dogs!

We have had the parts to our crib that was passed on to us from family members, sitting against the wall in the room that will be the baby's room. We decided to put it together last weekend (Jan. 23, 2010). We had all the parts except for the side that slides up and down, so we left it off until we got the parts. Joey decided to show Daisy that the crib is now a bed. He let Daisy lay on a blanket he put on the mattress, which was in the crib. The next day I was on the computer and Daisy is whining at me and walking around. I looked to see if I could figure out what she wanted and she was whining and looking at the crib. Daisy wanted to lay on the mattress in the crib. I let her get up and this is what it looked like. We will soon have the parts to put the sliding side on and Daisy will not get to be in the crib again! I really thought this was funny and had to get at least one shot on camera to remember it.


Snow war!!

Joey and I went outside to take Daisy out to do her business and then to play. What we didn't know was that we would end up having a snow war. Daisy loves chasing the snow and trying to catch it, so Joey was kicking snow up into the air for her to get. I decided to start a little war and kicked snow towards Joey. Sure enough, we were both kicking snow at each other trying to make the freezing cold snow touch the skin of each other. I am definitely not good at this game because I fell straight on my butt twice! We both laughed like crazy and continued on with our snow war. Joey kept getting snow on me more then I got him. I decided to forget the temperature of the snow and use my bare hands to pick up snow and get Joey. This made him run! I was able to get the snow on his back, right by his neck. This, of course, made the snow slide right onto his neck and some go down his shirt. I was so excited that I was finally able to get Joey good, but then I slipped and fell for the 2nd time. Joey took advantage of this and kicked the snow right after me when I was getting up. He had a good shot and I give him kudos for that! I was able to get Joey one more time before we called it truce.
I loved this time we had to play together because I feel like we get caught up in our jobs and also with Joey going to school that we are serious and forget to take the time to laugh. Oh man were we laughing during this! I think we both got a good ab workout just from the laughing we did during this war.
(Once the war started, I couldn't take any pictures).

Joey turning his head away.

Joey out with Daisy waiting for her.

Joey running to kick snow for Daisy to catch.


Our wonderful struggle!

I've been thinking a lot lately about adoption and children. Both Joey and I have had a hard time being patient lately for that special woman to choose us to adopt her child/children. We have been approved through LDS Family Services for 1 year now and have been able to make contact through friends and family with girls who are pregnant and deciding what to do. The trouble is, we haven't heard from anyone. I haven't personally experienced the struggle of trying to decide what to do about a child you have growing in your belly that came unexpectedly, so I can't say that I know how difficult the decision is to place a child for adoption. I can only say that I have heard of stories and I have had family members who I've talked about adoption and they've mentioned how hard it would be to place that baby growing in their belly with another mommy and daddy to care for him or her.
Today in Relief Society, the lesson was on Our Heavenly Family. When I read the name of the lesson, I thought, "oh great, something to make me cry about, AGAIN!" Instead of becoming sad and having pity on myself, I became grateful and happy for the situation we are in and how much we have learned and grown together, along with how much we will continue to learn. The sister who taught the lesson shared this particular sentence, which
made me think: "Our Heavenly Father has chosen the time and place for each of us to be born so we can learn the lessons we personally need and do the most good with our individual talents and personalities." I've heard before about us being brought to Earth at a specific time, but I haven't thought about being brought to a certain place much. The child/children Heavenly Father has in mind for us will come whenever the time is right for us. The place may be through someone else's belly, but that is what that child needs so he or she can learn the lessons he/she needs to learn and the way he/she will do the most good with his/her talents and personality.


Christmas 2009

Christmas was very special this year. We were able to spend Christmas with Joey's family and see his sister and her kids get excited Christmas day to wake up and see that Santa had delivered presents under the tree.
The night before Christmas, I did a little presentation of the story of Jesus Christ's birth and I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and how grateful I am that He came on this Earth to show us an example of what it is we are to do. I shared how much I love Jesus Christ and for his atoning sacrifice to have died for us so that we may be able to return to Him and Heavenly Father some day. Christmas is about the birth and the love Jesus Christ showed unto others.
This Christmas was focused on Jesus Christ and that made it a very good and very special Christmas.

Daisy fell asleep after opening gifts. Waking up early is not her thing.

Joey gave me an open heart necklace with a note written about why he chose that for me. He included so much thought with this gift. I love it very much because it has meaning to me.

Christmas Eve Joey wanted me to open this gift, so I'm showing my "serious" face, except it looks like I have food in my mouth(which is really my braces).