Independence Day 2011

I, Nicole, headed to my parents house on July 3 to see my two sisters visiting from Colorado-plus, I wanted them to see Quinn in person, since they've only seen pictures.  I spent all day on the 3rd with my family, then 1/2 of the 4th with my family, then I spent the other 1/2 of the day with Joey and his family.  Quinn was able to meet Joey's dad and step mom, who were driving through town and stopped by before they headed back home to New Mexico.  I didn't do a very good job taking many pictures of the events that we did, so here are mainly pictures of Quinn being held by different people and my niece and nephews.
 My sister, Celeste, snapped this picture of me and Quinn sleeping together.

 Quinn being Quinn.

 My beautiful mother holding Quinn.

 My sister, Brittany got sick on the 4th-so she's not doing too well.  :(

 My niece, Abigail, playin with the kitty.

Nephew, Emerson, did not want to stop making his Lego "boat" to take a picture for me.

 My brother, Matthew holding Quinn.

 Niece, Maggie, holding Quinn.

Nephew, Jaron, holding Quinn.  Maggie wanted to take a picture, so she actually took this picture.

Navajo Lake and Cascade Falls- June 30, 2011

I needed to get away from my home and have some family time with Joey.  We headed up to Navajo Lake and Joey did about 10 minutes of fishing, then decided he didn't want to do that anymore.  We then headed over to Cascade Falls, which is behind Navajo Lake.  Cascade Falls is an outlet of Navajo Lake, where the water comes out of a rocks/cave.  A good friend of mine told me about this hike and I'm glad she did.  I absolutely loved it-plus, it was only about 1 mile, or a little more long, round trip.  Here are some pictures of us at Navajo Lake and then on our hike to and of the Cascade Falls.
 Joey with his goofy face.  This is what he does when he doesn't want to take a picture.  He's getting his fishing pole ready at Navajo Lake.

 Navajo Lake

 Kiza stopped for a split second to get a picture.  She was having a blast playing with all the sticks on the ground and the water.

 Joey and Kiza out by the lake.

 Nicole and Quinn at Navajo. 

 This is on the hiking trail to the Cascade Falls.  Joey pointed out the hole in the rock on the top left.  We thought it was really neat to see.

 This is me looking up to the right from the hiking trail. 

 Joey, Quinn, and Kiza at the little rest area where they have a bench.

 Cascade Falls.  Isn't that beautful?

 Down from the waterfall.  I am up at the waterfall and Joey took Kiza down to the water.

 Joey and Nicole at the top of Cascade Falls.

 Nicole, Quinn, and Joey at the rest bench.

Quinn is 3 months old!

Here is Quinn outside enjoying the weather.  This seems to be his favorite place.  One night when I was trying to get him to stop crying I took him outside to see if he'd stop.  Sure enough, he stopped crying instantly.  I stayed out for about 5 minutes and was then ready to go back inside, out of boredom.  I got up and headed inside.  As soon as I entered the doorway, Quinn started crying again.  What?  I didn't think he'd be able to notice the difference that quickly.  Oh well-back outside we went. 

Quinn and Kiza. June 29, 2011

Quinn and Kiza were laying next to each other(more like Kiza layed next to Quinn) and I had to get these pictures. 

Quinn and Alexis

June 19, 2011
I took these pictures of Quinn with his cousin Alexis.  Alexis is 2 1/2 months OLDER than Quinn.  She is already crawling and Quinn and barely getting the stabilizing of his head.  We think it's fun to put them together and notice the BIG difference between the two. 
Alexis comes from a small mom and dad-both short and really thin.  Quinn comes from genes of tallness.  This definitely goes to show the you can't compare your baby to another person's baby. 
 These two look like they are having fun with each other.

It sure looks like Alexis is eating Quinn's hand.  I sure hope she thinks that tastes good.  :)