September Happenings 2012

Oh my goodness!  I am not so great at keeping this blog updated, but here I go, updating after nearly 3 months of no updates.

Quinn is making a new face by puckering his lips funny.  Joey was trying to get him to do it in these pictures.

For Grandparents Day, Sept. 9, Quinn sent a hug in the mail to both set of grandparents.  I was barely able to get a picture of him coloring the paper.

Quinn reading a book all by himself.

Quinn climbs up behind the couch and plays "Peek A Boo!"

Quinn climbed into this stroller and sat down all by himself.

Quinn eating something full of chocolate.

We were wondering the mall for something to do and let Quinn play in the toy car.  He had a blast pretending to drive.

While we let Quinn play, we sat around patiently waiting, staying out of trouble.
He can never do a normal smile picture. 

If I can't get Joey to take a serious picture with me, I might as well join in the fun.  No worries-our noses were clean.  Ha ha
 Quinn fed himself some Macaroni and Cheese and devoured it.  I think he is saving some for later.

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