October Happenings 2012

October was an eventful month with helping with the Halloween party for Joey's company, making Quinn's Halloween costume, taking him trunk or treating, and hanging out.
Quinn wanted some of Joey's rootbeer.  

 While shopping for the company Halloween trunk or treating, I put a friend's son's glasses on Quinn.  Isn't he adorable?

Quinn likes to look at himself and will make many funny faces.  I turned the camera around on my phone to take these awesome pictures of Quinn and I(Nicole).

While Joey is gone working and training, he likes to entertain himself(and me) with these awesome pictures of him at work.

Trunk or Treating - October 26, 2012
I made this owl costume for Quinn and painted his face.  I was very proud as to how the costume turned out, except for the ears.  I made the ears to big and too far back for an owl, that it throws off the costume and kind of makes him look like a bunny.

Haunted House Making
We bought a lot of candy and graham crackers to make a haunted house.  We had trouble with the house staying up, so we made a haunted shack instead.  Quinn mainly ate the candy and I decorated.

Our shack is complete.

Quinn loves playing at the park.

On Halloween, Joey had to work out in the field.  He was able to come home for a couple hours to be with Quinn and I and then had to return.  For Halloween, Joey dressed up as a goofy/dorky looking soldier.
I love my soldier!!!!

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